Mlaker Student Transportation
Mlaker Student Transportation, a family owned, and operated business located in Davidsville, PA. We have served the region in the school bus industry for over forty years, spanning three generations. Mlaker Transportation has proven to be one of the safest bus companies in the country as evidenced by receiving the United States Department of Defense (USDOD) safety certification. Our drivers are well trained and work with the newest technologies available in school buses to provide your students with the best possible bus service.

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Propane is great for the environment. Compared with gasoline, and diesel it produces 60% less carbon monoxide, 12% less carbon dioxide, 20% less nitrogen oxide and up to 25% less greenhouse gasses. Mlaker was the first bus company in the region to introduce this new clean technology into our school buses. We believe in the safety of our students. By producing less greenhouse gases with the operation of propane powered school buses we can unsure a healthier world for our children to live in.  

Economic benefits.
More than 73% of today’s propane comes from the production of natural gas. The propane supply is expected to continue growing as shale resources expand, and 98% of production will be here in the United States. The cost per gallon of propane compared to Diesel, amounts to a great savings for school districts.

Mlaker is Going Green
Tips for Parents/Students

>Get to the school bus stop five minutes early, so you won’t have to run across the road to catch the bus.

>When waiting for the bus, stay away from traffic. Line up at least five giant steps away from the curb or the roadway to wait for the bus.

>Never run after the school bus if it has already left the bus stop.

>Never push when getting on or off of the school bus.

>Always walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus when crossing so that the school bus driver can see you.

>Be aware – Cross with Care! Wait until the school bus has stopped all traffic before stepping out onto the road.

>When the school bus is moving, always stay in your seat. Never put your head, arms or hands out of the window.

>Talk quietly; do not distract your school bus driver.
If your school bus crosses railroad tracks, be calm and quiet so that your driver can listen for a train. Always obey your school bus driver’s instructions, so that he or she can make safe decisions.

>Never play with the emergency exits. Backpacks, band instruments, or sports equipment may not block the aisle or emergency exits. If there is an emergency, listen to the driver and follow instructions.

>When getting off of the school bus, make sure that all drawstrings and other loose objects are secure so that they don’t get caught on the handrail or the door.

>Never cross the street behind the school bus.

>If you leave something on the bus or drop something outside of the bus, never go back for it. The driver may not see you and begin moving the bus.

>Never speak to strangers at the bus stop and never get into the car with a stranger.
Pennsylvania's School Bus Stopping Law

>Motorists must stop at least 10 feet away from school buses that have their red lights flashing and stop arm extended.

>Motorists must stop when they are behind a bus, meeting the bus or approaching an intersection where a bus is stopped.

>Motorists following or traveling alongside a school bus must also stop until the red lights have stopped flashing, the stop arm is withdrawn, and all children have reached safety.

>If physical barriers such as grassy medians, guide rails or concrete median barriers separate oncoming traffic from the bus, motorists in the opposing lanes may proceed without stopping.

>Do not proceed until all the children have reached a place of safety.